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Flog Center for
Folk Traditions


The Flog Center for Folk Traditions is the cultural section of Cooperative Society F.L.O.G., established in 1945 in Florence.

In 1975, the cultural management of F.L.O.G. decided to found, with the collaboration of the Tuscan Regional Government and several specialized operators, the Flog Center in order to document and spread folk traditions.

The origin of Flog Center for Folk Traditions, has been the natural consequences of cultural work of F.L.O.G., oriented towards the search and audio-visual documentation of old occupations and popular songs of several regions of Italy ond Tuscany.

In the last decade, parallel to the development of activities of the Center, has grown the number of institutional partners, which at the moment are:

  • Ministero per i beni artistici e le attivitą culturali;

  • Ministery of Foreign Affairs;

  • Tuscany Regional Government (Department of Education and Culture);

  • Province of Florence;

  • Municipality of Florence.

Structure of Flog Center



Centro Flog Tradizioni Popolari
Via M. Mercati, 24/b  Firenze
Tel. / Fax +39 (55) 46.28.714



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