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When the Flog Center was founded in 1975, one of the most important aims was the creation of an archive of audio-visual material for field research and production of educational programms. Mediateca has a free consultation room equipped with audio-visual equipment for consulting audio-visual material and photografs. In the educational section of Mediateca audio-visual information on different populations are available. The Tuscany Regional Government has collaborated in this sector. Seven short films on Tuscany handcrafts occupations have been produced. Flog Center contributed tecnical support, supervising the audio-visual documentation. Another important role of Mediateca is that of filming, filed with informative cards, the musical groups which participed to the edition of the Festival "Musica dei Popoli", in order to increment annually the material which is already available.

Centro FLOG Tradizioni Popolari
Via Maestri del Lavoro, 1 50134 Firenze
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